Almost a year a go, I published a blog post on my newfound coffee hobbie. From pour overs to perculitors, I've met quite a few coffee connesoiers and am publishing my revised Getting Started Guide in priority order:

  1. Craft Coffee by Jessica Easto is the bible on how to make the best coffee and why.
  2. Proud Mary Coffee is my favorite roastery, but any fresh roasted whole beans will do. Be careful though; grocery stores consider coffee a non-perishable and rarely publish roast dates. When purchasing coffee, look for a roast date within the past few days. Subscriptions like Trade are less fun than finding roasters yourself :)
  3. A Chemex. Or a v60 but I suggest starting with a Chemex as it's easier to perfect.
  4. Bleached white filters. Note that most bleached filters use oxygen bleaching, not chemical bleaching. Bleached filters help reduce any paper taste in your coffee.
  5. A burr grinder; burr grinders crush beans rather than pulverize. A consistent grind is the largest contributing factor to a good cup of coffee. Fellow just came out with the most beautiful burr grinder I've seen, though I haven't tried it yet. Manual burr grinders are timeconsuming but certainly save space (some connesours consider them a right of passage).
  6. A basic scale. You can find one with a timer as an added benefit, but no need to spend $200 on a smart scale—they add little value.
  7. An electric gooseneck kettle. Any kettle will do, but an electric gooseneck means more control when it comes to pour and temperature. Many affordable options exist but look for one that allows you to set and maintain temperature.