Beginner's Guide to Hosting a Blog on Azure - Part 0
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Beginner's Guide to Hosting a Blog on Azure - Part 0

This is Part 0 of a 3 part tutorial which deploys a Ghost blog onto an Azure virtual machine, and directs traffic from a domain name (purchased on Google Domains) to the newly created Azure instance.

Part 0 / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Let's break this down:

  • [Part 0 of 3] Since arrays in computer science start numbering at 0.
  • [Tutorial] Learning by doing. Shameless plug for the professional tutorials made for a product I work on at Microsoft.
  • [which deploys] Deploying is the act of installing, testing and implementing a computer system or application.
  • [Ghost] An open source CMS for professional publishing. Open source meaning Ghost is free code that you can nearly do anything with. CMS meaning content management system, or an elegant way to manage articles online, people who subscribe to those articles, payment for those articles, and lots more:
The CMS for this website—set up with the steps outlined in this tutorial
  • [onto an Azure virtual machine] Another product I work on at Microsoft, a virtual machine (VM) is a way to emulate a computer. Similar to your personal laptop, a VM can start/stop/restart, uses memory/hard drives/processors, and can connect to the Internet. Because VMs are not physical devices, they use different software to keep them up to date, allow them to be accessed via 10s of thousands of people—or less like with this blog ;)—and make it easy to detect issues, and keep things secure.
  • [directs traffic from a domain name] A domain name is a way to make it easy for customers to find a VM on the internet. Rather than remembering, most people just type the domain name  
  • [to the newly created Azure instance] An 'instance' is just another word for a VM.
Do you want to create a website like this one? Do you want to learn about the cloud? Start here.

Part 0 / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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